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Owen’s Stuff (since last time)…

Hi guys!

Once again, it is I, Owen, with another blog thing. Today I will be updating you on how things are going for me recently.

General life has been going well for me recently, despite the big changes that have been happening, I have been amazing as usual. I still watch TV and play on my Xbox One just as much as usual. No changes there, then.

I have a new house. It is located ~somewhere~ in Corby and it’s basically an amazing house with lots of amazing things. These amazing things include my room, all the things inside my room, and all the things I do in my room. The house has about a gazillion pictures of James Bond. I have two solitary pictures of: a Volkswagen Beetle jumping over eight VW Campervans, and one of Ayrton Senna and his JPS Lotus. Overall, my room is sorta kinda cooler than every other one.

I have a new school, it is located in Corby. It is a school that is SO SMALL (even though it looks absolutely massive) that I don’t have to use my electric wheelchair to get around. It’s quite complicated at first to find your way around, but apparently it’s easier when you get used to it (apparently is the crucial word). My school day is longer than Garibaldi by half an hour, which completely and utterly -something-s me off… But! On Wednesday it is shortened by half an hour 🙂 which is good. There is a uniform, it looks quite smart (honestly when I wear it I feel like a biznissman 😉 ). I do Science, Maths, English (two sessions), and lots of other subjects including P.E., which for some reason, they call ‘Active’. Yeah.

I made a new friend on the second day of going to school. We will call him K. K is truthful, thoughtful and considerate. We have lessons and lunch together, he laughs at my jokes although he is not the greatest joke teller of all time, because of course that title has been granted to me. Similar things that ‘K’ and I have are:

  • We are both male
  • We both have dark hair
  • We both like football
  • We both know stuff about cars (I would say that I know more, though)
  • We both have an Xbox One

Things that are different about us are:

  • Our height- I am taller than K
  • I have grey-blue eyes and K has brown
  • K has darker skin than I do
  • K has told me he is from India, and I am from England

I know that if I am struggling with moving things around, or physical things I struggle to do because of my Cerebral Palsy, I can ask K for help. I feel happy and I enjoy K’s company. I would definitely say that having K as a friend is a very positive thing for me, because it’s almost like a milestone… quite a big achievement especially only on your second day!

Also, coming up soon, some day in March… the F1 2017 Season will be starting! The new Aerodynamics rules have made the cars more aggressive than ever, and have made the tyres more wide than ever. Have a look for yourself:


If you’re wondering what the tyre size is, they are quite big. The units are in millimetres, so thats why it sounds absolutely massive. The front tyres are 305mm and the rears are 375mm. Making the fronts more than a foot wide… and the rears 37.5cm wide. Most family cars have tyres around 10-15cm at most!

The main thing I like about the 2017 season is, of course, the new drivers that are coming in. And also, I know everyone will ask me about this, my favourite livery is the McLaren livery, I think that the orange co-ordinates well with the black, which is cool, have a look:


However, despite this, the new 2017 Season will not feature, and will not be the same, without Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button.

Also I am reluctantly going to throw in an update on my Aspergers and CP. On the social functioning topic, I should/could possibly be hindered severely by the effects of my ASD, but I think that it doesn’t hinder me as much as a lot of other people think. I am becoming more independent, and am capable of doing lists of things by myself, but I will admit, I need some prompting to do so. I feel that being able to do more stuff by myself is a big accomplishment 🙂

In regards to my CP, my knees are an absolute pain in the backside sometimes. Occasionally, they decide to dislocate; when they dislocate, it annoys and hurts me to the absolute limit and it really annoys me because I can’t do what I want to do. The last time this happened was before my surgery last year, though, so I am fortunate enough to not have to deal with it very often at all. At the minute it happens approximately every six months, but at times in my life it has been about three times every day.

My other joints are still very mobile… they do things they are not really supposed to do due to decreased sensation. To help with my joints, amongst other things, physiotherapy is something I do every day. Basically I do a lot of exercises, and they work my muscles and bones.

The CP generally affects me, compared to fully abled people, along a spectrum. By this I mean that sometimes it affects me a lot and other times hardly at all. Quite a lot of the time I am used to the hindrance from my CP but when I don’t expect it, I feel like I want to throw a chair across the room. At high speed. Possibly through a window. Possibly one three stories up. All in all, I am coping with it good/great/okay/amazing.

So this is the stuff that we’ve talked about this time. Hopefully I’ll be doing another blog post in a couple of weeks, but don’t be disappointed if I don’t, because I have a very, very, very busy schedule. Have a selfie of me to make your day a trillion times better.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 17.29.55Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 17.30.03

I’m daft, I know.

So goodbye to all of you people and other things. See you on the flip side.




Owen’s Pre-Christmas Update

Hello people of the Earth (and other places).

This will be my first blog post since June! Since that day in June, many things have gone on in my life. Including something called a Birthday, the release of Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition (and how I adopted it), also, I started my eighth academic year of school, ALSO, my surgery, (jaws theme tune) Halloween, the release of the internet craze ‘Pen Pineapple Apple Pen’, also known as PPAP. Then the Bonfire night which included many explosions and ear detonations! As well as this Shannon has left my house (jaws theme tune again). The Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition Expansion Pack has come out. Then: What is coming up? Christmas is coming up! And to round it all off, I’m going to be creating a youtube channel.

On the 30th of August 2016 I had my birthday and it was amazing in every way. I got things like (I cannot remember)… erm… Lego packs, AND a Batmobile cardboard put-together thingamajig. And according to historical references, I have been unable to do such tasks so I asked my Dad to ‘help’ me and for some reason it went perfectly well. (This may be due to the fact that I didn’t take any part in it whatsoever).

On the 23rd of September 2016, Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition came out on the Xbox One and PC, and for all Ultimate Edition buyers, they got to play it four days early! In those four days I did… Hardly anything! But since then I have increased my garage value from around 500,000cr to 35,081,290cr (subject to change). I also have gained 1,551,551XP and have also collected all 16 barn finds, playing the game for a total of 35 hours, 17 minutes and 7 seconds. I have a total of 118 cars in my garage, my favourite is the Mini Cooper 1965 Horizon Edition, which I bought for 200,000cr. The introduction of radio stations to FH3 has led to me choosing my favourite; either Timeless FM or Future Classic. My highest skill chain altogether is 528,350.

On the 2nd of September 2016 I started year 8 at school, and so far it has felt exactly the same as year 7. Apart from the fact that I have slightly harder tasks to complete, and I am now called ‘a year 8’ instead of ‘a year 7’, well done school, for making my life so different. I am in top classes in all of my lessons except for PE which I am in the second highest (out of 6). Something I quite dumbly forgot to tell you in my last blog (very long ago), was that in year 7 I managed to complete, in a time of 40 minutes, a mile of walking! That may not seem like much to you but when you count in the fact that I didn’t use a walking stick or any support, and I didn’t feel tired by the end of it, it’s quite amazing! To all those people who said I couldn’t do it at school: HA to you!

On the 28th of September 2016 I went into Hospital and had surgery done on the catastroph-knees. Basically, my legs grow in an extremely odd way. Apparently I am knock-kneed. The surgery prevents this by stopping my knees growing more inward. This is nice and helpful. Unlike other surgeries, it took very little time to recover, usually I am off my feet for at least a week but with this one I was up on my feet within 3 hours. This, if you ask me, is a very large time difference! Right now I am doing how I usually do every day of the week, very amazingly god-likely well. The last time I had a dislocation in my knees was the day before my surgery. So this hindered me throughout the night but after waking up from the surgery, it was fine.

Another cool fact: My right leg (the more able leg) grows faster than the left leg. Around the age of 5, my right leg was 7cm (or 3inches if you’re from 1850) longer than my left leg.

On the 31st of October 2016 it was Halloween! Halloween is amazing. It is not a festive celebration, it is a way for children to get sweets off other people for free! Mwahahahahahaaaaa! I went trick or treating with ze mother and ze little sister, and we only went up and down our street and to our Dad’s house. We also have not eaten our sweets yet!! Most years we forget that they’re there and completely ignore them.

In September 2016 a youtuber called CHEE YEE Teoh released a youtube video called PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen). It was an instant hit on the internet and has over 157mil views on youtube! People are suggesting it could overtake the record of Psy’s Gangnam Style video which racked up 2.7bn views since 2013. This would mean that if everyone watched it once, more than a quarter of the world’s population watched this video. The video is very informative about fruits and pens and is very interesting and fun for little children (aka my little sister) but this opinion is not shared with my mum who says, to put it lightly, it was absolute garbage, and why would anyone watch it, ever?

Next, the vets and Pom-Pom. Basically, everytime we have an appointment at the vets, Pom-Pom decides ‘I do not want to go to the vets, so I wont go, no matter how hard everyone tries to get me into that cage’. This is certainly not the best of things, as my mum has got a life care plan for them (All of their treatments are paid in one sum at the start of their life), surely if they cant get Pom-Pom there, the money is wasted? As we proved this morning, when Diego managed to get his collar off, mum tried to pick him up but he jumped out of her arms straight away. When Terry picked him up, he started clawing originally, but stopped and became still when mum put the collar on.

On the 14th of November 2016, the little sister herself, Ruby, decided to have a birthday. This birthday consisted of a pizza hut, many many many things wrapped in mysterious paper, such as toys. She had two, let me clarify that, TWO cakes. One for her classmates which was a cheeky monkey cake (perfect for someone like her), and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell-ebration cake (Terrible pun there used by Tesco).

On the 5th of November 2016 many colourful things were sent into the air at a football stadium that I went to visit. It was quite cramped, because the football team was relatively popular in the area. It was very loud but I’m hard so I can deal with that. I had a great time, as it was the first time I had ever been to a football stadium in my life ever!

At some point in the near past, something happened in my house where my mum and my older sister argued and Shannon left, which was probably the most sensible thing to do because otherwise it would all go to pot. (Whatever that means). My opinion on this is that none of that needed to happen. End of.

Releasing on the 12th of December 2016 will be the contents of the Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition Expansion Pass. This will include being able to drive all of the cars from FH3, and others including arctic trucks on snow. The first two things that came into my mind when I thought of this was ‘BMW Isetta Bubble Car’ vs ‘Arctic Lorries’ (Or The Warthog). The other thing was Lamborghini + Snow = Best rally car ever. Not. Honestly I don’t really see the point of this, but because of my youtube channel, ill probably include it because it will just be fun. Everyone will slip and slide over the ice after forgetting their snow tyres.

Coming up then!

CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! On the 25th of December 2016 I will be opening many new things on Christmas Day, (BECAUSE I AM VERY FORTUNATE :}) I will probably be getting Rocket League, a car football game, if you didn’t know. I will also be getting 6 months of Xbox live gold, and also a youtube channel! So if you could subscribe to that when it happens that would be nice. I don’t expect much from Christmas because all the things I want are very expensive, I’m sure I will have an amazing Christmas anyway though.

Goodbye to all you people and others, and Happy Christmas if you don’t hear from me before Christmas!!!

So for now, Goodbye!

An overview :)

This is the stuff that I’m going to talk about in this blog post; there is quite a lot so I’d make a cup of tea if I were you!

SATs stands for Standard Attainment Tests. It is basically, as you know, lots of tests in a week, well by lots, I mean, 7 tests. At first I was a bit iffy and quite nervous about what might happen, but I was alright in the end.

SATs happened from the 11th of May to the 15th of May. The first paper was the reading; the worst one for me. Then it was SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar), which I am absolutely tip-top at! Then on the Wednesday we had the maths level 3-5 Paper A. We also had the mental maths- you should all know what that means. On Thursday, we had maths Test B (3-5) in the morning, then in the afternoon I had Test A and Test B for level 6.

SATs come in the year that you leave Newlands and go to Garibaldi. The SATs results will tell you which class you will be in at Secondary School; I suppose I’ll be near the top. I am not scared at all about going to Garibaldi. (Shannon thinks this is a lie). The biggest thing I will be excited about is 1) using Oliver, my new wheelchair, and 2) puddings at dinner.

Oliver is my new electric wheelchair, I got him on the 12th of May but I was presented with it on the 20th of May, at the BMW PGA Golf Championships at Wentworth Golf Club in Surrey. The wheelchair was unexpectedly big! I entered a golf competition where you had to try and get the golf ball in the holes behind a little wood block thingy where you have to chip the ball over the block. AND I won! Well I was put in a prize draw to go to the USA.

Peter Alliss presented me with my chair and then I got to meet 1996 formula 1 world champion: DAMON HILL! I had a really excellent conversation with him for about 15 seconds! I don’t use Oliver all the time, sometimes I use Walkie, my walking stick.

On the 30th May at 4:00 in the mornin’ I set off on a 6 hour drive to Looe, Cornwall. I stayed in a cottage that was very enjoyable. Under my bed was a box of rat poison. Ruby did not realise and picked it up to show mum, we then washed our hands. The most amazing thing was watching mum spend £110 in a shop. We went to Trago Mills, a shopping centre and bought some books e.g the stigtionary, a dictionary about Top Gear, the amazing show that cannot spell Koengsegg. They spell it Koengseggnseggnseggnseggnseggnseggnseggnsegg.

I am planning on building a soapbox racer, a car that doesn’t have an accelerator pedal but is powered not by sprouts but by push power. It is a very interesting sport because there are downhill areas of the course (it would not go anywhere otherwise) and they are mostly made out of wood or something else.

Basically, my surgery also happened. It happened on the 13th of March 2015, and after the surgery I puked all over my mum’s converse. The surgery isn’t really working. It’s supposed to straighten up my legs- so technically I have to grow for it to work.

My knee is doing not so good in general, because basically, on my holiday right, my left knee had some trouble in the night and the next morning- I couldn’t walk unsupported. I took about 20 minutes getting from my room to the living room which were LITERALLY next door to each other.

Normally my left knee is about half the size of my right knee, when it’s well. But when it pops out, it is gigantic. It is just about 3x bigger- its just wrong, painful, hot, painful, hot, did I mention it was painful? You could literally not imagine what it is like.

Today I can walk without walkie, so basically with a bit more waiting we hope it will get much better.

I hope that I will get better, of course, and as soon as I can, because I want to go karting; I’ve only ever been once and even then my brother accused me of forcing him off the track. In that incident I was lifted about a foot out of my seat. I landed so hard that my helmet went wonky.

Life right now is relaxing, fun because it’s a weekend, and very good. This blog is about lots of stuff that is interesting about me.

And on that bombshell, GOODNIGHT.

-Top gear theme tune plays in the background-

Q&A Answers!

Hello everyone, this is Owen again! Today we will be doing a Q&A (question and answer) session. When I reached 5 twitter followers, my sister and I arranged this session. You guys sent me questions in to my email address, and today I’m going to answer them!

Question One: What is the most fun thing you have ever done? 

When I went on holiday to Goodwood! Goodwood was epic; I got to sit in the safety car, and I got a picture with Sebastian Buemi (former Toro Rosso driver). I also saw Alan Prost, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. It was just epic all-round, I cannot say anything more about it.

Question Two: Who most influences you in life?

This one is really hard. I’d just like to say; Everyone that helps me. Everyone and Anyone. When Gramps, Nan nan, Dad and Shannon helped me when my knee went ‘asdfghjkl’, Mum, for being my mum, she’s quite funny, likes similar programs. She and my Dad are the two Main Ones in my life. 

Question Three: When you are feeling down, what do you do to cheer you up?

Basically… Whatever I can. Sometimes I just sit down, do nothing, and think of pickled sausages. Other times I sing random words to distract myself. I sometimes tell people when I feel down, however this is mostly when I have nightmares and so is very rare.

Question Four: What is the biggest challenge that you face thanks to Cerebral Palsy?

Definitely trying to score a goal in football. In my 400+ matches, I have scored two goals, both from penos (penalties). Outside of school, I have scored three. Two from penos, and one from an absolute  blaster from about 30 yards(27.43200 metres).
Question Five: Describe Aspergers in five words!
Challenging, Supercalifrgilisticexpialidocious,Awesome, Fun, Special.
Question Six: What are the biggest obstacles you face overall in life, and how do you face them and beat them?
Trying to get the ball passed to me in football. None of my friends actually listen to me when I’m in a BIG CLEAR SPACE. At Grant’s Club, Im the oldest, so I’m the precious part of the team, and they pass to me there. So in general life, unless I tackle people (unlikely also for obvious reasons), I don’t get passed to. Even though I’m a defender, I like to get upfield, sometimes as a centre-mid, sometimes as a winger, but I’m hopeless at being a winger. Haha.
Question Seven: Where do you see yourself at the age of 21?
In my mansion, driving a Bugatti Veyron or a PEEL P50. If you don’t know what a PEEL P50 is, here is a picture:
Question Eight: Describe your close family and friends using one word per person.
Mum: Awesome.
Dad: Tall.
Shannon: Pro.
Ruby: Tidgy.
Michael: Funny.
Troy (friend): Dope.
Me: Algebraic!!
That’s the end of the blog then, Goodbye! Check out my next post, Shannon will be uploading them all to Twitter and Facebook!
See ya later!
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Stuff whizzing in my head… CREEPY

Hey y’all!

Hello strangers, and everyone else! Sorry I’ve not written in the past few weeks; this one will be quite interesting for some of you! This blog discussion is going to be about the things whizzing round in my brain most recently. My knee has been quite okay for the past few weeks; I can walk around fine, I can play footy and basketball. I’m getting better at these sports, but I don’t really care which team I’m in; I just enjoy playing. About 2 weeks ago playing footy, I managed to score a goal against the best goalkeeper in the school! At basketball I have been doing fairly good. Except for that dreadful day about 2 weeks ago. . . I was playing basketball perfectly fine, as a ‘goalkeeper’ or ‘postguard’ (that word makes me laugh). Then, I did not see the official giant base thingamabob, and then I officially tripped and banged my head on something that I cannot remember. embarrassed face. I had a cut on my left eyebrow and a massive walloping lump on my blooming forehead. I had to have an icepack and a teatowel and I looked like a whatsitcalled, a thingamajig. . . Joseph from the nativity. I had to go to hospital Again and have an x-ray again, and I had to have a stitch and glue on my thingamajig. . . whatsitcalled. . . eyebrow. I got an afternoon off school yes! Though it was a Friday. Although I didn’t bump my knee, I saw the doc about it. Its still a bit swollen; there was a very weird morning when I was out with my one on one. tHe swelling is normally on my outer knee. That day it was on my inner knee. Which is weird. . . the doc has agreed to take me to queen’s, watch out my knee, put in some 8 plates, and have some botox. This should sort me out good and proper. On the 21st of January 2015, I had something called a dare graduation. For 10 weeks, I have learning the effects of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and other substances. If you don’t know what dare means, it stands for DRUG ABUSE RESISTANCE EDUCATION. I have learnt that it is better to walk away than get into trouble. Some of the words I know for drugs are: Cannabis, marijuana, weed, grass, dope, cocaine, heroin, and other stuff. I hate the snow because it is absolutely freezing. This has been a problem recently because I have been kind of made to go outside and have been playing footy in the freezing cold. There is one good side to it: the boiler broke down at school, and I am not in school until Wednesday! Ive been on xbox lots, playing my cousin’s squad on fifa. His squad is called whispers hippo balls. Or can be called Sr Crue. Ive also been playing on a new game called fuel. I went all the way from the bottom to the top of the world in 15 minutes. I have been entered in a level 6 maths group because I have a good understanding of mathematical knowledge. Basically we have been working with numbers, and next week we will be working on algebra. Ive got a good question for anyone out there; comment with the answer! What would 3y be if y was 15? 😉 I also learned about the Avogadro’s constant; the formula represents the amount of particles in a certain gas in a certain amount of space. The formula is 6.02×10(23). The voice is a program in which there are four famous musical artists, with their back faced to a singer/musician. If the judge presses their button, they get that person on their team. If more than one does, the person has to decide which person they wanna go with. I remember episode 3 where rita ora made a funny noise when she turned around on her chair; she claimed it was a ‘squeak from her elbow’ (it was really a fart). We went to a place called wollaton hall and it was actually where they filmed the batman movie thingamabobjingy. Then, we went to an engineering museum with more classic cars with cigarette machines, bikes and stuff. That’s pretty much all I can say!

This ends at a very good blog. I hope you comment on it, not on facebook!!! I will be on twitter soon so do not worry if you have a twitter account, I will be doing regular q&a’s.

            Bye bye everyone, woohoo! Ill be back again soon!

Overview of busy weeks!

Hey guys! It’s Owen again! I’ve neglected this blog for a while with christmas and all being around!

Firstly, let me go over the most recent knee developments: So, my knee is doing alright, I can walk on it, I can straighten it to about 175 degrees, it feels fine and there is no pain at night anymore. Unfortunately, when my leg hyperextends it does hurt though. In general the catastroph-knee has been resolved!

Next, let me talk about christmas! I got a series of cool things, for example, a BMW M5 Prototype RC car. I also got the Guinness World Records board game, and the minecraft overworld packs. These are my top three cool things. Christmas overall was great and fantastic.

I’m kind of looking forward to going back to school, partly because I get to do my level 6 maths papers. Basically I am one of the top children in my group- I’m a 5a, one sub level off a 6c. For this reason my teacher notified me that I would definitely be doing the level 6 papers. In the time before the holidays at school I did a primary maths challenge- this is where you do a maths challenge against other children across the country; I just missed the cut to get into round 2, which is a shame but I did my best.

I’ve been playing with my new christmas toys and most of them have been awesome; even though the BMW M5 Prototype RC car ran out of batteries after about 25 minutes and the antenna bent about 45 degrees.

Things are going great at home, basically I have been doing loads of fun stuff, reading all my new books, playing with new toys, and then the regular stuff.

Thanks for reading this quick update on my life; I promise there’ll be more posts soon enough all about my CP and Aspergers and how awesome I am!

See you soon,


Awesome Aspergers

 Hello, once again, it’s Owen! Thanks for taking a look at my blog! Now we can start. This week’s topic is: Awesome Aspergers!

There are many symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome, here I will go through the things that occur in my brain thanks to Aspergers, and how they effect me. Some are good, some are bad, and hopefully you will gain some insight into my life, and maybe gain some insight into your own, if you also have Aspergers.

Not understanding social cues. This one, in my opinion, affects me only minimally. (Though Shannon believes otherwise) This entails not quite understanding what people are saying to me, and accidentally butting in to people mid-sentence. It also involves not being able to notice body language (though I can notice facial expressions) and having to be presented with information in a very obvious way. So if you were angry with me, you would have to just tell me!

Dislike any changes in routines. Definitely. I hate it when people change routines! It’s like, e.g. I’m thinking we are gonna go to RainyDays (A play centre) and then someone tells me, we can’t, because another child is ill. It really messes up my brain, and I can feel very mixed emotions such as sad, confused, and angry.

Appear to lack empathy. Sometimes I struggle with this one; when someone is trying to express their feelings to me, I can get confused about what they’re trying to say, sometimes even sad, if they appear to be angry with me and I don’t understand why. Another example would be when I say something to my little sister Ruby, and she gets upset. I don’t tend to be able to understand why, and this makes me think ‘What the…?’ Sometimes if she cries badly and instantly, I will try and comfort her because I don’t want her to be upset, obviously.

Have a formal style of talking for his or her age. Yes, I think I do, quite a bit. I can use words like ‘Inaugural’ and ‘beckon’ instead of ‘first’ or ‘call’. I know lots of words, but there are way too many for me to type down, so I’m just gonna name a few. Maiden = first. Victorious = the winner. Luckily, this makes me feel more confident when writing a test or assessment, because I feel much more confident with these words in my head.

Talk a lot, usually about a favourite subject. Yes. As my favourite subject is Formula One, there are lots of things to talk about, e.g. Champions, Drivers, Their teams, who had which engine, how many points are scored in a season. This can affect my relationships with people if they are not that keen on my subject. This is because they do not understand and I bet they feel like…

My Snapshot18 What?!

Have heightened sensitivity. This is very like me, I HATE that. This is very much like me. The only thing I enjoy being loud is me. For example, sometimes in a store, there can be music blasting aloud, babies crying, kids shouting, allsorts, it’s so noisy and overwhelming you cannot describe it, it makes me feel sometimes sad, like I just want to cover my ears! I wish that I had a big whistle that I could blow to make everybody quiet. I overcome this by leaving the overstimulating place, or telling the person that I am with so that they can cover my ears or comfort me.

Having a limited range of imagination. Though I can write fictional stories, they must be about something that I really want to write about. A lot of the time I struggle to write fiction, and prefer a lot to write fact stories about Formula One drivers or footballers. I don’t struggle with my imagination all of the time, so this one is an easy one to deal with.

These are some of the ways that my Aspergers affects me. Writing this has been a bit emotional, as talking about the feelings I get can sometimes upset me. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and hope you will come back again soon! If you’d like to comment, please make them on wordpress, not facebook, as I do not have an account! Bye bye for now!